Deep blue mists of the night swirl over the sands of Raurin, the incomparable Desert of Dust. As the cool night air drains the heat from the sand, you and your friends huddle around your campfire, glancing nervously at the giant pyramid in the distance.  

   Gradually, the winds change direction, bearing a thin streak of white mist toward you from the pyramid. It swirls and takes shape as a faceless man dressed in ancient robes and an ornate head-piece; moonlight shinning through his ghostly body and robes, he lifts his arm toward the pyramid and speaks. 

   It was magic that conveyed you all to Bralizar, and an ancient map that guided you through the pass in The Dustwall. But it was, after all, the tales that finally brought you to this place – tales of endless wealth, of spirit-guarded pyramids, of crystaline obelisks, of gemstones with mysterious properties.

   Now, as the haunted voice of the spectre before you begins his tale, you wonder if the treasure and the quest are worth the price…perhaps your very lives. Are you really the heroes of the prophecies, those who will overcome the foretold tests, and those for whom the treasure awaits? It is time to search you hearts before you venture further into the Desert of Desolation.


Desert of Desolation

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