The Dupari are a civilized people who are traders to the core. Because of this, they have developed great cunning in business, and their commitment to the truth is less than total. They prefer to talk, rather than fight, though they have some of the most fearsome troops in the southern lands, their dreaded Lancers and Airlancers. 

   It was the Durpari who established trade through the deserts of the south, and it was the Durpari who re-established it when trade became nearly impossible following the curse of Amun-Re. The Durpari are the only group of people who venture through the Desert of Desolation with regularity. Although they often go on trading missions, they prefer to remain at home, usually at an oasis fortress or other trade center.

   The Durpari worship one god, whom they call Anu, though they acknowledge a small pantheon of lesser deities who serve under Anu. Their religion deems as heretical the worship of many gods, and they are duty-bound to destroy idols and temples dedicated to the "old" religions.

   The Durpari Airlancers fly on pegasi they breed for the purpose. They can communicate with their beasts in very complex ways. 


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