The following are rumors, both true and false, the band has gathered in various places along the way from no one in particular, arranged, more or less, in the order of their relevancy: 

   The land that was rich was made poor, and the only way to make the desert bloom again is to release the greatest of evil upon it. It is only through the confrontation of that evil that life can be restored. 

   The legends tell of a demon who will be released by the old gods. He will take vengeance on the desert and the peoples who live there to punish those who have turned away from the cruel gods. 

   There are many new caravans in the desert, but they only travel at night. I guess that's to conserve water. 

   Some of the most fabulous treasure lost in the desert were the Great Stars. Of great power and tremendous value, they have been lost for centuries.

   The Sandvoyagers are an honest guild who make it possible to cross the desert in safety. There are said to be other caravans of slavers. These travel by night and will not allow any strangers to come near them. 

   Even if a great evil is released into the desert, the salvation from that evil will be close at hand. The salvation of the desert lies not in those who are there but in adventurers from a far land who will come to save us all. 

   The gates to the desert curse all those who enter, just to remind them that they are stepping into terrible ground. 

   The greatest Pharaoh of ancient days was entombed in Pazar. The city was buried beneath the sands, and the wealth of the Pharaoh was buried with him. His wealth remains there still with a curse on it. 

   One of the greatest of Pharaohs of the ancient days cursed his own lands and set out to ruin it. Yet even after his death, his people worship him, for his power reached beyond his grave. 

   A mighty pyramid lies in the desert that is believed to be theft-proof. It is said that all who have tried to enter have left their bleached bones among the rocks of the desert. 

   Tales of the Pharaohs' evil are surpassed only by tales of their wealth. Many wondrous items were buried in their tombs and untold wealth surely must be found there. 

   There is a black monolith in the oasis in which an ancient evil lurks.

   The minstrels of the desert see all that happens, but they never tell all they know. 

   Warehouse manager is not a good trade in the desert. The manager of the Guildhall in the Oasis has been missing for weeks they say. 

   Beneath the large oasis in the desert lies a lost temple, buried by the shifting sands. 

   Identical twins always hate each other, especially if there is much to gain by being first. 


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