The following secrets, like rumors, may be true or false, but, unlike rumors, they have been obtained from noteworthy people. They are listed in order, under the person who told the secret:

Tekuna Chand

   The Sheik of the Oasis does not trust strangers until they prove themselves worthy. He has been known to accept gifts, however, but these should be expensive or magical. 

   The last caravan to come through the desert brought the news that the Sheik had finally arranged a marriage for his heir. The delay had to do with the appearance of some magical sign or omen. 

   The White Palm is sacred and under the protection of the Dervishes, who are excellent trackers and committed to Bloodquest should they discover any desecration of a holy place. Exercise caution and leave the tree strictly alone. 

   Happy Hogan Underwood is a halfling of substance. He runs the Desert Igloo in the Sandvoyagers Compound. Tekuna knows him personally, and gave Bohn a token to show him. 

   There is an assassin working in the Oasis. His name is Zorath Blackblade. Beware of him. 

Muthi Pashtral

   It is rumored that a thriving business in slaves has sprung up in the desert. Operating under the most obvious cover, raiders are attacking caravans, imprisoning those who ride along, though you never hear of a guildmember being caught. 

Alham Pasha Burak

   There have been rumors of fighting in the desert not far from the sacred palm. He hopes it is not a signal for an outbreak of war. 

   He has information that there are slavers operating in the desert, possibly under the guise of normal caravans. 

   The guard-post to the north of Bralizzar requires a special pass before any caravan or party is allowed by. He can issue these passes.

   He knows almost everything about the history and background Bralizzar, the desert and the Raurindi/Durpari conflict. 


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